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A guide to different types of car dents

No matter where we are – accidents happen, and out on the road is no different. Whether as the result of clipping a curb at speed or a car door catching your vehicle in a supermarket car park, dents and dings occur all the time.

Here at Southend SMART Repairs, we have put together our Guide to Different Types of Car Dents to give you an idea of the various types of damage and the car dent repairs you may need as a result.

Creased Dents

Often the result of something, such as a tree branch or car door, being dragged across the vehicle, a creased dent will generally damage both the panel and paintwork. However, with a creased dent, the main worry is the vehicle losing its metal memory – the shape of the vehicle panel when first created. As such, creased dents can often be tricky to repair unless carried out by an experienced professional. 

Car Dings

Typically caused by a smaller object, such as a stone, car dings are one of the most common types of car dents. Easy to fix, as long as there is no paint damage, car ding repairs involve the dent being popped back into its original shape. 

Sharp Dents

A sharp dent can often be tricky to remove and is generally the result of a metal object hitting the vehicle at speed. The difficulty in repairing such dents is that not only do they leave a distinct and deep cut on the outside, but they also damage underneath the panel, which is often much trickier to repair. 

Round Dents

Commonly caused by a circular object, such as a large hailstone or football, round dents often appear as sunken impressions on the vehicle. If the damage to the vehicle’s panel is not too severe and there is little disturbance to the paint, then repairing the round dent is often straightforward with the right tools and know-how.

Being able to recognise the different types of car dents can be helpful when it comes to repairing damage to your vehicle. 

If you require professional car dent repairs you can trust, get in touch with Southend SMART Repairs today. We take care of all car dents and offer a full range of car body repair services from our body shop in Southend.

Visit our location at Unit 20, Farriers Way, Southend, SS2 5RY or call us on 01702 612244 or 07832 118407 and a member of our team will help.

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