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Lease car repairs Southend, Essex

Leased car body repair services

When your lease is up on your lease car or van, the vehicle will go through a very detailed inspection. The leasing company will be looking for any damage that would be more than the ‘wear-and-tear’ outlined in the contract.

The BVRLA fair wear and tear guide is used when the inspector looks the car over - this is the industry standard.

Some of the most common problems that result in customers having to pay lease-end penalty charges include:

Southend SMART Repair offers the highest standard of lease vehicle bodywork repairs, and have been doing so for many years.
So contact us before returning your leased car or van.

What is excess wear and tear?

The BVRLA is the industry standard for determining what is considered wear and tear or damage. However, most finance providers have their own standards. These will be detailed at the start of your lease contract and can usually be found in the leasing agreement terms and conditions.

Here are some examples which should help you:

Lease Car Repairs Southend, Essex


Our Small to Medium Area Repair Technology means we can repair panel damage and scratches without removing the panel in most cases. Southend SMART Repairs can repair minor scratches and dents on panels with precision and speed. For panels that have more damage, panels can be replaced.

lease car bumper repair


Scuffs and dents on a bumper are one of the most common dings a vehicle will get. Any damage or scratches to the bumper will land you with charges from the dealership. Book in your lease vehicle repair with us, and skip the inflated dealership prices.

scratch repairs on leased car in Southend, Essex


With our 45 years of experience and the method we use, we have proven scratch removal results. We focus our efforts on the area that needs to be repaired, which means that you will have a consistent and beautiful showroom-ready finish. It doesn’t matter how deep the scratch is; even the most minor scratch might cost you a lot if it falls outside of the BVRLA wear and tear guide.

Avoid high fees from the lease company, book your lease car with us, and we’ll take care of it.

dent repair for leased car


We offer a pick-up and drop-off service to ensure our customers can have their lease car dent removal done with minimal disruption to their day. We cover Southend, Rochford Rayleigh, and Benfleet. But if you live in Essex, please give us a call to see if we service your area.

Paintless dent removal will ensure that your lease vehicle will look like it’s just left the showroom.


Do you pay for repairs when you lease a car?

When you sign your lease agreement, it is vital that you read everything that you agree to. Your lease agreement will likely state that you are responsible for the cost of replacement and repair for anything not covered by the warranty.

While the cost of a lease vehicle can be lower than owning a vehicle, you are required to pay for the maintenance and repairs for the vehicle.

What are the guidelines for returning a lease car?

If you are within the agreed mileage cap and there is no damage to the car, you can hand the car back in. For most people, though, there are a couple of light scratches, sometimes bumper damage and dents. Even the most careful driver can be the victim of other people’s poor driving.

Typically collection or drop-off of a lease car will be arranged for 30 days before the end of the lease. Your car will go through an inspection before it is accepted back.

Wash the car so you can give it a once-over and look for scratches, dents and other bodywork issues. Have the inside of the car valeted, and book in for a repair for any problems.

Can you get a leased car or van repaired anywhere?

Unless stipulated in your contract, you are free to get your vehicle repaired anywhere. So long as the garage is VAT registered and any parts replaced are manufacturer-approved with paperwork.

It is common for dealerships to pressure lease car users to take cars to their preferred garages for repairs. However, it is legally your choice to choose your own repairer.

Will the repair be visible?

With our expertise and many years of experience, we can guarantee you that the dent, scratch, or bumper repair will no longer be visible. On occasion, some panels may be beyond repair and will need to be replaced. However, we will advise you with the best possible solution.

Southend SMART Repairs has extensive experience in repairing lease vehicles and will have your car or van looking showroom ready and in perfect condition for the end-of-lease return. Give us a call or email to discuss your lease repair needs.