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6 reasons you should get that dent fixed

A hastily opened door, a falling tree branch, taking on a parking spot that was just too tight in the first place: car dents can occur for a whole host of innocuous reasons, usually at the most inopportune of moments. And when you’ve got a to-do list that only seems to be lengthening, it can be tempting to put off repairs – after all, it’s just a spot of cosmetic damage, isn’t it?

Here at Southend Smart Repairs, we perform car body repairs day-in and day-out, and we know the potential risks that come from leaving dented bodywork unattended. In this article, we look at the six main reasons you should get that dent fixed.

A minor dent can be hiding something more significant

Just because you can’t see any major damage to your car doesn’t mean it isn’t there. A dented panel can hide a multitude of problems with your vehicle, often caused by the impact that results in you needing a car dent repaired in the first place. Part of the chassis might have been cracked or chipped, undermining the structural safety of the vehicle.The impact may have loosened some wires that could affect your car’s electrics. By getting a professional car dent repair, your mechanic will be able to identify any issues.

Dented bodywork can be a road safety risk

Depending on the extent and location of the dent, it can cause further damage to key parts of your car. A dented wheel arch, for example, can rub against your tyres, slowly wearing down the rubber over time. A particularly bad dent could catch the inner wall of your tyre, resulting in a serious blow-out when travelling at speed. Likewise, a dent to the car door could prevent the lock from securing properly, which could lead to the door popping open while you are driving. The risk of such occurrences can be quickly eradicated by repairing your car dent straightaway.

Damaged bodywork is susceptible to rust and corrosion

Car panels are plated to protect them from the elements, particularly salt and moisture in the air and thrown up from the road. The metal finish is usually zinc or a zinc-nickel alloy, both of which are lightweight and have excellent corrosion resistant properties. If the dent in your car has scratched the paintwork through to the substrate (the base metal of the panel-work) then the integrity of the zinc plating will be compromised. Even in regular road conditions, this will develop a patina of rust that could ultimately corrode away, causing significantly worse damage that will be more expensive to repair.

Repairing the dent improves your car’s resale value

It doesn’t take much for somebody to try to knock the price down a few notches when you’re trying to sell them a car. This applies to private buyers as well as dealers – they will spot an imperfection and immediately jump on it as a reason to lower the price. You can try to argue that it’s only a minor dent that will easily pop right out, but that line of reasoning isn’t going to help. They might ask you – quite rightly – why you didn’t get it repaired yourself if it’s that easy. Alternatively they might say that, while the dent may look minor, it could be hiding other problems, as already discussed. Needless to say, you’ll soon find yourself facing the very real cost of not getting a car dent fixed.

Dented bodywork does not give off a good impression

It’s said that the type of car you drive says a lot about the type of person you are. That doesn’t just apply to the make and model, but also the condition that you keep the car in. If you’re looking to make a good impression, whether on a date, a job interview, or meeting with clients, you need to get that car dent repaired first.

Dented body work might result in a failed MOT test

This may sound like a stretch, but it’s true. While dents, dings, and scratches are not normally taken into consideration during the MOT test, some of the subsequent damage they can cause will be. If your dented bumper is hiding a structural crack in the car’s chassis, that can be the reason for a fault. Likewise, if a dented wheel arch has eroded the rubber from your tyres, your mechanic might decide the vehicle is not roadworthy. Even the dent itself can result in a failure, particularly if it has been left so long that the panel-work has gone rusty and is in danger of falling off.

Immediate car body repairs are more cost-effective in the long-run

Left unchecked, the damage to your car’s bodywork is only going to get worse. Even if it is the minor dent you suspected at the beginning, it won’t take much to cause further damage. The structural integrity of the vehicle is already compromised, the dent might cause the panel to abrade against other parts of the car that, in turn, could result in your vehicle failing its MOT test. If you get that dent seen to straightaway, the overall cost of repairing it will almost certainly be less – particularly if you choose a local, affordable car dent repair specialist.

Reasons to Repair a Car Dent: Final Thoughts

We hope our list of reasons to get your car dent fixed has informed you on the potential pitfalls of failing to act. If you are looking for a local car bodywork repair specialist then look no further than Southend SMART Repairs. We provide high-quality bodywork repairs for customers across Southend, Rayleigh, Rochford, and beyond. From minor car scratch repairs to major panel damage, we deliver a first-rate repair service every time. We have the skills, tools, and experience to make your dent look as good as new, including paint-matching for all panel-work. If you would like more information, then why not  give us a call on 01702 612 244 or 07832 118 407 to book in your vehicle.

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